About Internet Jungle

The Primetime for ... Internet jungle 2017 is an expert platform for everyone who understands the importance of the digital revolution and is interested in learning about the latest trends (not only) in online marketing.

The conference format combines the many years of experience of Blue Events in the preparation of conferences like Retail Summit, Brand Management and Primetime for…Big Data to equip participants for the needs of the new market. In the construction of the program, attention is paid primarily to:

  • Informe (quality content)
  • Acquainted with innovations (demo of new technologies on the spot)
  • Connect (networking, meeting people from different professions, market segments, and countries)
  • Deliver energy and amuse (sharing best practice and good ideas, afterparty)
  • Offer a space to stop and look in the short term (distance from everyday life and new inspiration)
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