Marketing has another chance to become a superpower

For marketers, a large window for change has just opened—and the prize is big. Take a look at the new message from Thomas Barta, the keynote speaker of Brand Management 2020 conference in Prague coming up on September 30th.

The biggest conference on brands will be held at the end of September 2020 with the topic “marketing as a super leader“

On September 30, 2020, Blue Events is organising the annual Brand Management conference in the Cubex Centrum Prague with the leadership expert Thomas Barta as the keynote speaker.

The Human Capital 2019: Seek for devoted employees who help you when crisis hits

Squeezing employees out in times of economic growth and dismissing them when recession starts is becoming increasingly short-sighted approach which more and more companies leave behind. On the other hand, well-being and potential development are gaining in importance, and companies want their employees to work with internal motivation stemming from enthusiasm, not from the prospect of a quarterly bonus. At least, this was one of broad agreements among the Human Capital 2019 conference’s participants.

Big Data 2020 with many innovations: new location, international keynote speaker

The conference Primetime for… Big Data 2019 was received with great interest and was completely sold out. The organizers of Blue Events are therefore moving the 2020 edition to an even larger space. They also invited a renowned keynote speaker, professor Viktor Mayer-Schönberger, co-author of the only book on big data translated into Czech. The conference will take place on March 25, 2020 in Prague's Clarion Congress Hotel.

Whom will you meet at the Communication Summit?

Over three hundred participants from top companies are registered for Communication Summit 2019 that is held in 2 weeks, on 29th May, in DOX +, Prague.

Communications Departments are in Anticipation of a Big Inventory

Participants of the Communication Summit 2019 (to be held on May 29 in a new space + DOX in Prague) will get a unique opportunity to verify the accuracy of their approaches to marketing and communication. Blue Events invited as the main speaker one of the world's greatest experts to demonstrate how communication works and how to improve its results.

Brand Management 2018 about brands in a post-truth Era: Having no opinion is not a benefit

Can brands be nowadays neutral in their opinion? Just very hard. And such attitude will probably bring nothing good for them in the future. Marketers should take their share of responsibility for the mood in society, particularly in the social atmosphere that is strictly polarized, flooded by alternative facts and fake-news. These thoughts were discusses at the fourth annual Brand Management conference attended in CUBEX Centre in Prague by nearly 350 marketers and brand managers.

Brand Management 2018: What you can do right now to maintain your brand trustworthy

The Brand Management 2018, the bigest meeting of top managers and marketers in the Czech Republic, has just released the full program. The key note speaker Sean Pillot de Chenecey, the biggest world brands consultant, and 25 Czech experts and the most important advertisers will speak in the brand new Cubex Centre Prague and they will present particular cases to maintain brands’ trustworthy and authenticity in the post-truth era.

Communication Summit 2018 presented brands with purpose and wiped a border between marketing and public relations

Can a triangle "brand – good – business" really work? Or is it just a pose? How to communicate successfully in order to generate profit in addition to social impact? It was the main subject discussed at the Slovanský dům in Prague at the gathering of 400 visitors, both from companies and creative or communication agencies, Communication Summit 2018 at the of May.

Communication Summit 2018 has published the program

Top industry meeting of senior communication managers in our market will take place on May 30, 2018 at Slovansky dům in the centre of Prague. Communication Summit represents a new platform bringing together all stakeholders: representatives of clients -both companies and institutions, and communication and marketing agencies. The programme is focused on result-oriented communications – both from financial and social point of view.

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